MAC & Video Tasks

What is the MAC?

  • The Manual Handling Assessment Charts (MAC) is a tool to help in the identification of common risk factors in lifting, carrying and team handling operations. The MAC helps the assessor to identify the tasks that need improvement first.


This page will help you to assess a single person lifting operation and includes two videos of a manual handling task.

  • Before you begin watching the videos we advise you download the MAC tool charts leaflet¬†and read through the assessment guide.

  • The flow chart, graph and score sheet in the MAC are required to assess and evaluate the risks in the video.

  • Use the interactive score sheet
    *The score sheet can also be filled in on screen.

Video Task 1

This video shows footage of an everyday work place lifting task in which the employee unloads boxes from a pallet and lifts them onto a conveyor.

Video Task 2

This video shows footage of an employee lifting creels of wire from a rolling conveyor and loading them onto spindles at various heights.